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Todd Robson

Todd Robson

Get Back To What Matters – by Todd Robson


Image: Michael Reaves

Deep breaths … it was only an election.
Okay, I will take 10 seconds to say it … Who was that sassy sonofabitch who two weeks ago wrote about Trump’s path to victory and how the Clintons shouldn’t be popping the champagne corks prematurely?
Well it happened. The people spoke. Trump won. And he didn’t just squeak by – he clobbered Clinton. Continue Reading

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Todd Robson

It ain’t over ’til it’s over. – by Todd Robson

Image: Hill Street Studios

Image: Hill Street Studios

Overconfident, unmotivated and at the end of the day, it’s all about that base

I don’t kick dogs or losers when they’re down, even doucheb*gs like Donald Trump.

And, I was under the impression this race was all but over.

It looked like Bill Clinton was about to fire up the old Tinder account and Hillary was already finding a way to offshore her money.

All but done. I wondered if Bill still has a key to the Oval Office humidor?

Until late last week. Continue Reading

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Guest Contributor, Todd Robson

Braggadacious, Clay Aiken and Hillary’s Dad Made Drapes

photo: GettyImages

photo: GettyImages

Well … that was pointless.

A lunch-bag let-down of epic political proportions. A who-cares moment in a campaign that’s already about 15 months too long.

I am a political junkie. I drink the stuff in. Read a colossal amount of news. I even wake up early to check polls. I dig it. I get off on it.

But this election is different. It’s the ultimate example of settling. Settling for the least of the worst.

One candidate is an entitled crook with a track record of corruption, lies and probably still bitter about her husband’s blowj*bs and the fact that she lost to that ‘nobody’ Obama a little over eight years ago. The other is a narcissistic psychopath with a pea for a brain. A playground bully with a rich dad and probably a really nice pool. Donald Trump is that asshole guy from the Karate Kid – an eighties teen douchebag.

But enough of that, let’s get back to the debate.

Continue Reading

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