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Guest Contributor, Shana Selwyn

Life of a Freelancer – by Shana Selwyn

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I never intended to be a freelancer…I’ve never had any entrepreneurial aspirations, I’ve always been content to be a ‘worker bee’ at every company I’ve every worked for.

Radio. It’s what I love the most. This love was cultivated over 13 years at CFOX, 10 of them as the traffic reporter/female presence on the Larry & Willy Show. I literally LEAPED out of bed every day at 4:30 a.m.. (who wouldn’t love to spend the first 4 hours of every workday laughing?) When that relationship ended it came as a complete blindside and I was shattered. 13 years? I was a ‘lifer’. I had loved my job more than anything else (not a smart thing by the way) and I suddenly I could barely function. I got the flu, stayed in bed for a week, and cried as if a boyfriend who I had been devoted to for 13 years had just broken up with me for no reason.

Which is exactly what it felt like.

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