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Guest Contributor, Phil Chadwick

Why do you do what you do? – by Phil Chadwick

img_5124 img_5125Why paint?
Why not? Apparently that simple answer will score 100% on a psychology exam but that is not good enough for me.

It is not just the challenge of trying to improve and make the next canvas your masterwork. It is not for financial gain because if that is all you want, you are probably going to be very disappointed. Maybe it is about unlocking the power of the right side of your brain? It could be about learning how to see the positive and negative shapes in your drawing – really learning to see the beauty of the world around you.

For me, the main reason is just to make memories. Mostly these memories are about the places I paint. But they could be about the paddle to get there or the people with me – or the weather. All of the things that went into creating the art are part of that memory. I actually write these things down after every painting. They say that memory is the first thing to go. I don’t know but I am not taking any chances. Continue Reading

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