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Pete Quevillon

Guest Contributor, Pete Quevillon

The Sport Parent – by Pete Quevillon

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Don’t be “that” Sport Parent

The sport parent. A seemingly innocuous term that often is synonymous with a vision of a screaming soccer mom or hockey dad delivering a spittle laced tirade at a referee who has missed a call or a coach who isn’t giving their child sufficient ice time or god forbid; a child who has failed to score on a breakaway.

As someone who (full disclosure) has worked in the amateur sport system for over 30 years and coached all ages from the 5 year old tee ballers to the varsity high school basketball level, I am imploring you to resist the inevitable temptation to be that crazy parent! I know how difficult that may be when you get caught up in your child’s sport activity…I may have crossed the line a time or two myself over the years…but I beg you to resist the urge to lose your mind on the sidelines! Should this happen, I can only hope that someone captures it on video and that get to see how completely crazy you will seem. In this age of rampant social media, you do not want to be one of 2017’s most viewed Youtube videos of Parents Gone Wild. Continue Reading

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