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Blue Jays Bottle Throwing Guy Found *updated* FRIDAY.

Image: Greg Fiume

Image: Greg Fiume (not beer throwing fan)


Ken Pagan turns himself in — here’s the story in The Toronto Star.

Update: US perspective THIS is a Denver paper.

Update/ thursday 2:35pm pac: the plot thickens.  MACLEANS Magazine is on it.

update: Apparently IT IS A BOY… according to the Toronto Star

update: maybe this is going to be like searching for Nessy?  check this deadspin.

@ChrisTarroza found the, now infamous, beer can throwing guy — and tweeted the video. Here it is. There is an excellent perspective of how this one act tainted all of the Blue Jays fans in attendance… here’s the column from The Globe and Mail here.

This is very reminiscent of both the ’94 and ’11 NHL related riots in Vancouver.  It still makes blood boil when all fans get painted, tainted, by the actions of the few.

Just food for thought — as you were.



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