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Monica Donetti-Ross

Monica Donetti-Ross

Real (estate) Vulnerability – by Monica Donetti-Ross

realtorReal Estate Agents are vulnerable to robbery, potential sexual assaults, and crimes of opportunity. 

Although we have been advised by our Brokerages to have an introductory meeting with potential clients, in a public place or our offices, it often does not happen. We have been advised to get proper identification and to document by law on our Fintrac forms. 

The Brokerage is right, and it is advisable to do so, but we often receive an email or a phone call from a potential client requesting information on a home or wanting to set up a showing. Typically these clients are legitimate but might be on a tight time schedule and we often set up showings by only qualifying them over the phone.

Every time we do so we potentially put our lives at risk. Continue Reading

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