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Leah Gauthier

Guest Contributor, Leah Gauthier

in·spi·ra·tion·al – A Creative Life.

Wendy William Watts is in·spi·ra·tion·al.

I’ve always be drawn to creative people, I understood from childhood that they were, like me, people who looked at the world with a different lens.  We would see something as “it was” but also as it “could be”.

The thing I didn’t quite understand, was how “Creative types” could grow up to become adults who got to live truly creative lives. I mean, I was more inclined to turn broken jewelry into a dream catcher than figure out how the hell an excel spreadsheet worked but let’s be honest, that doesn’t look so hot on a resume.

Then I met Wendy WIlliams-Watt!

Here was a woman living an insanely visionary existence. Wendy is literally bursting with ideas. Ideas she knew in her heart were great, so she pursued them — worked like a fu*king boss — and turned those ideas into things….and those things are now a movement.

Wendy created the BIGLOVEBALL.COM a perfectly simple, delightfully delicious, physical representation of play, love and all things good.


Her passion, intuition and well-deserved success are the stuff of lady legends!

Clearly Wendy inspires because she herself is R-A-D, but also because she takes the time to support and encourage the creativity of other.

I often receive pieces of popped loved balls or miss-printed packaging form Wendy. “Make this into something new, I’m excited to see what you come up with.”  Challenge accepted WWW. 

Here are a few examples of my BIG LOVE BALL up-cycling. Maybe it will inspire someone else to repurpose something broken into something beautiful.

Inspiration: A popped 5 foot love ball.





I found a large frame at the local thrift store, cut the letters out with an exacto knife, applied letters to the matting with spray adhesive.

Inspiration: A popped 1 foot love ball – I have an odd appreciation for mini art so I often have a supply of tiny canvases at the ready. I painted the canvas, featured below, gold then dusted it with bronze glitter and let dry. Using white craft glue I adhered the letters to the canvas. Lastly to highlight the brush strokes I outlined them using a black sharpie. Simple, inexpensive, inspired.


Inspiration: Fabric mini love ball bags, printed with the wrong web address. It’s and ya’ll should check it out immediately.





I purchased a glass jars from the thrift store, made my own Mod-Podge using 1 tbls of white craft glue to 3 tbls of clear acrylic paint varnish. Painted the mixture evenly over the entire surface of the jar and then smooth the fabric over the top. Finished by tying rope or ribbon around the top of the jar. This can be used as a candle holder, a vase, a pot for a plant or a catchall for treasures of all sorts.

These bags were easy to color with regular felt pens, then I just hand stitched the pendants to ribbon and create fun, bright pendants.


I’m Leah Gauthier and I’m inspired by Wendy Williams-Watt.  Check out maybe it will inspire you, too.


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