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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Adopt a Pet – by Kristina Matisic



I know, I’m a stunner, it’s hard to look away! I’m definitely a breed apart: with the teeth of a shih tzu, the front legs and long body of a basset hound, and the back legs of a beagle. What a combo! (I’m actually part Chiuhauhau and part Beagle, and almost six and a half years old.) 
My personality is a real mixed bag too. On the one hand, I’m an affectionate little snuggle bug who loves nothing more than kissing and cuddling with any human who’s handy. On the other hand, I can also be a bit of a diva and tend to almost stamp my feet if I don’t get what the attention I want and deserve! 
When I first came to the BC SPCA, I was a bit obese but since I’ve been in foster care, I’ve slimmed down quite a bit, though I still have a little way to go before reaching my ideal weight.  (Don’t we all, ladies?!) 
I also had a great deal of pain before, as my ears were badly infected.  After some medical attention, it’s getting a lot better.  But because I had to deal with this pain and people touching my ears to heal them, I’m super sensitive and have a profound dislike of having any painful area of my body touched. So, even though I’m super affectionate, it’s probably best if I don’t live with children, as they may not read my warning signs. 
I’m currently sharing a home with two other small dogs and two cats, and we all get along great, as long as we respect each other’s space.  So I’d do well with another wee pup about my size, or a dog-savvy cat, as long as they don’t get up in my business too much. 
If you do take me home, be prepared for stares: people love to check me out. Yes, I may be funny looking, but I’ll be sure to love you up and put a smile on your face every single day.  To meet me (and to see if you measure up to my standards!) please contact the SPCA today.
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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Pet of the Week! – by Kristina Matisic


What’s better than one kitty cat? Two! Especially when they’re as cute as us. We’re Tia and Snooks, and we’re a bonded pair from Penticton.  (I’m the light coloured one on the left.) We are looking for a loving home where we can get lots of love, attention and cuddles.
We’re ying and yang kitties, and not just based on our colouring.  I’m pretty out-going and I love to play, roll on my back and ask for long delicious belly rubs. Snooks, my best friend, is a bit more shy. She likes to enjoy some peace and quiet. I know she’d do great in a patient, loving home where she can gain some confidence.
If you’d like to meet us, we’re at the Vancouver branch of the BC SPCA
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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Victor Pet of the Week – by Kristina Matisic

Hello! I’m Victor, formerly known as Marcellus. I’m a Lab Chow cross, originally from Fort St. John where I was found as a stray. I’ve been transferred to the BC SPCA Burnaby branch and I’m awaiting to meet my fur-ever family!

I can be nervous around new people, especially men or people in uniforms or hats. Hate hats! I like to be introduced to new people slowly, so that I can gain my confidence and my trust. I can be good with other dogs, as long as we have a proper introduction.

I like to keep an eye on things, guarding my area, so I like to have a fenced, secure yard. I also love walks, but need a bit of a tune up when it comes to walking on leash. But I learn fast! I am good off leash, and I love to play and be goofy. And my toys? I like to carry those around with me when I can. All that said, I also like to spend plenty of time indoors, snuggling with my peeps.

As you may have noticed, I’m a little bit chunky because I’m so food motivated. I do need to get my weight down. Ugh, so hard! I’m looking for a gentle guardian who will help put me on a healthy diet and give me plenty of exercise. I need to slim down for my long term health!

I think I’d do best with a woman’s or a gentle man’s touch, someone who is an experienced and kind guardian.

If you’d like to meet me or learn more about me, just head to the Burnaby BC SPCA. I hope to meet you soon!

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Kristina Matisic

Paws for a Cupcake? – by Kristina Matisic

9 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved in
National Cupcake Day™

National Cupcake Day™ is a cross-country fundraiser where animal lovers are encouraged to bake cupcakes and give them away in exchange for a donation. The money goes towards preventing animal cruelty and helping animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected.

The event takes place on February 27th but we’re encouraging everyone to fundraise all month long. Proceeds go to SPCAs and participating Humane societies across Canada.

Before you say you’re too busy, you’re on a diet or you don’t bake, hear me out.

Here are nine reasons why I think you should get involved:

1) The state of the world is kind of sucky at the moment. This is an easy way to do some good.

2) You don’t have to train for a month to take part. (Though kudos to anyone who does!) Instead of walking, running or riding to raise money, here, you’re baking cupcakes.

3) You love animals. I see you out there, you can’t walk by a dog or a cat without petting them. You want to help those poor critters who are abused and neglected by their so-called guardians. We’re heard so many of those terrible stories lately.

4) Baking cupcakes is super easy. Trust me, I’m no pro baker. If I can do it, so can you.

5) Shortcuts are entirely permissible. Say yes to cupcake mix and premade frosting or to buying your cupcakes. It’s not about how well you bake.

6) It’s a fun thing to do with your kids on a rainy (or snowy!!) day.

7) For those still maintaining their resolutions, you don’t even have to EAT the cupcakes. You can donate directly to someone who has registered. (I will happily accept your donations. Just search under “participant.”)

8) You’ll be able to cross off “giving back” on your 2017 to-do list.

9) “Baking” a difference will make you feel great!

So, how do you go about this? Some ideas:

– Have a Cupcake Day party at home and encourage friends and family to drop by.
– Host a Cupcake Day party at work, encouraging everyone to bring cupcakes and a few bucks for donations.
– Ask your school if you can have a cupcake day party in the classroom.
– Forgo the party and delivery cupcakes to your donors.
– Donate directly to someone who is already registered as a host.

To learn more, to register, or to donate go to

Happy baking!

– Kristina Matisic, avid animal lover, mediocre baker, spokesperson for National Cupcake Day™

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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Pet of the Week! – by Kristina Matisic


Hi, my name is Dede and I’m a curious and active one-year-old bunny. I may seem shy at first but I do like the odd pet.  And even though I’m not super cuddly, I have a lot of other great qualities. I’m quite entertaining!  And isn’t that what you want out of a rabbit? 😉
I’m super good with my litter box which means I make an excellent house rabbit, if I do say so myself. I like lots of exercise and toys to chew, play with, and fling. (I told you I was entertaining.)
I wouldn’t mind joining a family with older children or one that’s a bit rabbit savvy.  As for other rabbits in the house, that could be cool as I have been spayed. So no worries about my posse growing!
I’ve been at the Richmond SPCA for three months now and would so love to find a forever home!
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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Pet of the Week. – by Kristina



Hi! My name is Lorice and I’m a six year old female Formosan Mountain Dog. Exotic, don’t you think? I’m a gentle loving cuddle bug looking for a home where I can just snuggle in, watch movies with you and relax.
I have a deformed front paw but I don’t let this stop me. I also need to lose a few pounds (don’t we all!) so I need to be encouraged to exercise. Right now I’m loving hydro therapy (swimming).  When it comes to getting in and out of, or on and off things, my guardian may need to give me a bit of a boost.
I’d be happy in a home with another calm dog who doesn’t bug me too much. I could also handle a chill kitty.  But my ideal home probably won’t have young kids because I can be a bit fearful of sudden movements.
Even though I’m shy off the bat, I warm up quickly and become quite a goofball. I love tummy rubs so much that I’ll paw you for more. I’d so like to find my loving forever home!
For more information about me please contact the Burnaby BC SPCA.
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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Pet of the Week – by Kristina


My name is Oscar but I’m no grouch! I’m a six year old all white beauty, as you can plainly see. I ended up at the shelter when my guardian died suddenly earlier this year and I’ve been here ever since. I’d love to find a cozy new home in time for the holidays. My only request is no other animals, I prefer to rule the roost!

I’m very friendly and I do like some attention. But other than that, I’m a pretty independent guy. I was raised indoor-outdoor, so I like to go out on occasion to enjoy the fresh air. My hobbies include sprawling out on my side and watching the world go by. Heated tile floor preferred but not required.

I’ll be at the BCSPCA West Vancouver branch, accepting visitors any day from 12 to 4 pm!

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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Pet of the Week – by Kristina

Hi, I’m Fiver. I know, I know, I’m adorable. You’re not the first to notice. But my beauty isn’t just fur deep. I have a sweet sensitive soul and I’m looking for my new forever home.
My previous pad wasn’t the right fit and my owner couldn’t provide the care that I need.  Now I’m looking for someone who has some rabbit experience and who can offer up some tender loving care.  I’ve been at the BCSPCA for a while now and, to drop some rabbit lingo on you, I’m ready to jump! 
Because I do have such beautiful soft fur, I require regular grooming to prevent mats.  Once I warm up to you, I’ll let you brush me and I’ll even jump into your lap with some coaxing.  
My favourite past time is chewing cardboard and lying on a bed of hay. It’s the simple things in life, right? You love kale? ME TOO!  I’m also crazy about craisins, my favourite treat.  
If you want to meet me, I’ll be at the Burnaby shelter, waiting to snuggle up with my new family. 
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Kristina Matisic

Pet of the WEEK! – by Kristina

img_5369 img_5370
I’m Oreo, sweet inside and out, just like the cookie! 
After living on the streets for quite some time, I came into the shelter in Prince Rupert and was transferred to the Burnaby branch recently.  I’m just over a year old and I’m looking for a loving home where I can strut my stuff (I’m a bit of a poser, as you can see below), lounge around and be your best buddy. 
I’m litter trained and I LOOOOVE a good neck scratch.  I’m super affectionate and will snuggle, cuddle and purr like a motor. Because when I like you, I let it be known! 
I’m looking for a nice home where I can be an only pet.  If you think I’m the right match for your home please come down to the Burnaby shelter and meet me today. 

It’s the annual Turn Burrs for Purrs campaign. Adopt an adult cat from Nov 24 -Dec 5 2016, and save 50% of the adoption fee!

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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Adopt A Pet – by Kristina Matisic





Helloooo world! We’re Goofie and Gizmo, two and a half year old guinea pigs, and we’re hanging out at the Surrey branch of the BC SPCA.

We were found abandoned, which as you might imagine, wasn’t the very best start to things. We’d really love to get a second chance at having a good life. We are super bonded, total bros man!  But you know how you love our best friend but wouldn’t necessarily want to live with them? Us too.  Because we’re both males, we kind of prefer living side by side (like separated by a Pen gate) than together.
We are both super curious, we LOVE fresh vegetables in the morning and then we get super lazy in the afternoons. We are quite shy, especially when you pick us up, so we are seeking a more experienced owner who understands us and our guinea pig ways. 
As for adoption details, we’d love to be adopted together. However, we are also willing to go to a home that already has a spay female guinea pig.  We don’t want to go to a place with another male, that might result in too much tension, and take us away from all that veggie eating we love to do.  
Forever home, we hope to see you soon! 
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