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Dan Tanenbaum

Dan Tanenbaum, Guest Contributor

Living in the shadows

Image: Dan Tanenbaum

Image: Dan Tanenbaum

It’s that time of year again.
The start of the NHL/NBA pre-season and that triggers one thing:
My phone starts to ring.
People think that because my uncle is one of the owners of the Leafs and Raptors that I have a drawer full of tickets.  I receive calls from all sorts of folks asking for tickets, explaining how they “don’t mind paying”.
“First of all”, I tell them, “Larry is my uncle and I don’t have access to tickets.” The script continues, politely, “Secondly, I have a pair of tickets that I pay for.” I share tickets with my two brothers and my parents, so over the course of the season, I have 6 games to attend.
I always know when someone is fishing during a call, it’s usually someone I haven’t heard from in a long time, or someone who I just met recently… and found out my connection to ownership.  The call starts off with small talk, I know it’s coming, then there is a silence and ….almost as an afterthought they ask.  Some people actually get annoyed that I wouldn’t “at least” try and “help” get them tickets, but most people understand, once I explain how silly the idea is, that I do not have an abundace of tickets.
Of my 6 pair of tickets, I donate 2 pair to a charity event close to my heart — leaving me with 4 pair for my family, count ’em – wife and 3 kids who love to go to games.
It’s really quite fascinating that, even after I explain the facts of my family connection, it never stops “the ask”.
People escalate to insinuate that “surely” I “have connections to get tickets because of Larry”.
I’m here to tell you, I don’t.

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