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Claire’s Unexpected Adventure

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CLAIRE IS CANCER FREE!!! An UPDATE and some back story….

Hi, it’s me, Jody.  I’m writing a forward for this Video from Claire.  (she’s reading it as you do, I’m not sending it to her first…)

I will NEVER forget the day that my girl came by my place, my backyard, to “drop a cheque” for our little adventure here.  It made me think, “hello? E-transfer? Plus, it’s not urgent….I can front this….” NO…she “had” to come.  I made tea.

As soon as she walked through the door, that fateful spring day, I knew something was wrong.  MY pillar of strength, the woman who (in 2011) I barely knew…handed me a key to her house…seeing me go through life drama…. was in need.

She uttered the words “f*ck, I have cancer, it’s cancer…I could lose my foot, I will never run again.”.

I was in shock, she was in shock.  I didn’t know what to say — so I hugged her.  We cried.  Then we talked.  We really…really talked.  I said, “let’s put the website on hold.” she said “I think, instead, I want to talk about it.”

She did.  She is.  We are.  I’m so proud of you Claire.  We are.  WE ARE ALSO SO GLAD YOU ARE CANCER FREE!!! as of today….

Love your people….like we love Claire. THROUGH IT.

Jody (and Sarah…and our every-growing #mybackyard family)


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Claire Martin, Claire's Unexpected Adventure

Wind beneath… foot?

Image: Claire Martin

Image: Claire Martin

My best friend’s name is Susan.

Susan lives in Alberta and we have been really close for more than two decades.

Susan came to Vancouver this weekend….just to see, for herself, that I am ok.  She needed to SEE me, the phone or email just wouldn’t do. (I’m a good stoic faker when life tries to knock me for a loop)

The visit was a short fly-in – 24 hours – yet in that all-too-short time it was reaffirmed that when all else fails, your best friend will, literally and philosophically, lift you up.

The ties that bind us to our best friends is, indeed, thicker than blood.

My best friend and I met in a mutually tumultuous time in our lives, both of us were divorcing, both of us were raw, both of us were losing confidence in our ability to survive.
We propped each other up. We survived….creating this unbreakable bond.

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Claire Martin, Claire's Unexpected Adventure

Claire’s Unexpected Adventure – Post#4

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Cancer is a waiting game. It’s very similar to working on a movie set.. periods of sudden frantic work, long hours, then lots of hanging around waiting!
But I’m good. I’m still going strong. I’ve even mastered the morphine induced constipation with a merry mixture of teas, prune juice and liquorice!!
In the meantime I have my dressings changed every other day and I try to work on my laptop with my foot resting on the kitchen counter – never underestimate the usefulness of Yoga!
Here’s to getting the skin graft soon..
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Claire Martin, Claire's Unexpected Adventure

Claire’s Unexpected Adventure – Post#3

OK my humour is back. Hobbling around on one foot, with crutches and trying to navigate the usual daily chores is nothing short of laughable. I’m told it’s like living with an infant – everything now takes a really long time! Showering is the funniest experience.. thank God I took yoga, and who knows,

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Claire Martin, Claire's Unexpected Adventure

Claire’s Unexpected Adventure – Post #1

I’ve caught cancer. Just like that. Like stepping in dog poo, or tripping over a pavement stone. And boy -was I ever surprised! Nothing like this has ever affected me before. So after dusting myself down I decided to video blog my journey.. in all it’s gory detail.. because it helps me talk about it, and hopefully it’ll help you – if (God forbid) anything like this was to ever happen to you.
Note: the first video is sad, but they get better, and funnier!
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