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Who You ARE – by Chris Parry


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Here’s how it happened.
For decades, political theory had it that, if your opponent shifted hard to the right or left, you moved with them to claim the middle ground they were ceding. The idea being that, a left wing candidate will always have those further left than them in the bag, and they’ll get half the folks in the middle, between them and their opponent.
This worked for Bill Clinton, who was center right if anything, over two terms, even though he faced all sorts of issues during his administration.

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Chris Parry, Guest Contributor

Ask for MORE…

cp-profile-picSeven years. That’s how long a colleague at my previous job had toiled away on the ‘on call’ list, hoping for a foot in the door, covering vacations and days off for people who were lucky enough to have a full time gig, scratching by financially and hoping that the higher ups would eventually call on him to join the gang for reals.

But they didn’t. They didn’t have to. He’d always be there, and he’d always work harder than everyone else because he really wanted it, and he’d never complain because they had to come around sometime… right?

Until the day it all became too much. He finally stood up for himself and left.

It would be only a few weeks later that this fellow, a news photographer, would snap the quintessential photo of his generation while working a freelance gig, for pennies on the dollar, achieving the absolute highest praise anyone in his profession could ask for while doing so.

He’ll never have to hope for work again, because he stopped waiting, and started trusting himself.

Self belief is not a commodity that is in high supply for most people. It’s usually held out as evidence of narcissism, or vanity, by other people who don’t have much of it. It’s usually something we pay lip service to in our children – “You can do anything!” – while running away from it in our own lives.

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