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Pleasure & Happiness – By Bruce Bean

editors note: This is my stepdad, Bruce, writing for #mybackyard! (Look back in my past columns and see the financial advice — this is “that guy”.) Bruce brings incredible perspective. Life experience. His friends love him, I love him. He is a man of thoughtful introspection, not to mention a big reason I love to cook.  You are a gift Bruce Bean.  You challenge me, teach me, love me. You offering up a post for our site is amazing …you make me happy. 

enjoy the read,


Image: Peter G. Marton

Image: Peter G. Marton

At 79 years young I continue to remind myself of “the difference between Pleasure & Happiness”.

The two words relate, of course, but affect your life very differently.

Having only Pleasure will affect your total Happiness.  Happiness, affects not just your own life but, most often, the lives of others.

Happiness, unlike Pleasure, gives you an internal burst — one that makes you young, and probably live longer. (if not longer — certainly you live with a greater feeling of positivity, towards yourself)

Happiness is the tonic which eases our collective trip — as I like to say — “sliding down the razor blade of life”. Continue Reading

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