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Ben Lu, Guest Contributor

In Defence of Downtown – by Ben Lu

Image: Ryan Adams / EyeEm

Image: Ryan Adams / EyeEm


My kid goes to a school in a suburban area so I often hear parents comment about how “downtown living is not good” — that they “could never” raise their family in a condo.

A little while back a good friend bought a place in the suburbs and she, too, declared “downtown is not good for kids or raising a family”.

I need to protest — or rather brag about downtown family life. I love it.

My home is steps away from the best park in the world – we smell the sea breeze. It is downtown that my kid gets to see the microcosm of the world (well sort of) more often than not. Walking in the streets we hear Korean, Japanese, Farsi, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Turkish and Spanish and Mandarin spoken –everywhere.  That’s on top of more prevalent English and French.

The library is a few short blocks away from us and we use it. Continue Reading

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Ben Lu, Guest Contributor

An Appeal to Sensible Canadians – Ben Lu

Image: GettyImages

Image: UnSplash

A little about me.  I am an immigrant to Canada. Chinese by birth, I have a weird London accent on an off day and have been mistaken for Zimbabwean on a good day.  After years living across the pond.  Canada has been my home for 20 years. I am, just like you lot, Canadian.

I’d like to share some perspective, from my view.

It is with incredible clarity that I see how my country has achieved a very sensible, and humanitarian, immigration policy — one backed by a strong commitment to multiculturalism. We, as a nation, have been applauded by some of the biggest pundits on the globe, the WSJ and BBC just to name a pair.

It is a big deal when both the centre-right and centre-left western media are giving us a nod.

Should we be proud? Yes.

Can we rest on that? No.

There will always be folks who restore to hate and stereotypes, regardless of facts. We need only take a peak south of the border to see that in action. Here in Canada we expect better, a sensible Canadian, a more welcoming and celebratory base toward immigrants.

As we hear much about the “____ lives matter” movement — we have our own brand of that here.  People being judged, or worse, by the colour of their skin. Continue Reading

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