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Alyssa Bauman, Nutrition

Normal, what is that? – by Alyssa


Bauman Girls making gluten free cocao muffins

Last week it was my turn to bring snack to an after school program. I asked my daughter what she would like to bring. She sighed in great disappointment, something ‘normal.’ I was a bit shocked. My usual go to snacks of Nourished-Up hemp seed power cookies, cut veggies or a bag of mini-oranges has never been problematic before.

What she really meant was for me to bring what the other parents bring—those nasty mini glazed donuts, orange-and-green iced cookies, some kind of powdery, electric orange cheesy chip, pre-packaged gooey granola bars, etc. You get the idea. But the thing is, this is not normal.

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Alyssa Bauman, Guest Contributor

Nourished Kids.

Image: Alyssa Baumann

Image: Alyssa Baumann

We are almost a month in. Back to whatever that may be for you—Back to school, work, back to the running around, the activities and more of a routine that hopefully becomes sacred ritual.

I love this time of year for just that. I find with the lazier, freer days of summer just behind us, this is the best time of year to set the tone making healthier living an intention.

Studies have shown that mentally and physically, we are ready for it.

Starting the school year off by giving your kids the nourishment they need, not only helps them flourish in school and play, it helps them emotionally thrive and keep stress at bay.

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