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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Gypsy – Pet of the Week

thumb_screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-55-20-am_1024Hello everyone! My name is Gypsy and I’m a seven years young, Border Collie/Akita Inu. How’s that for a cool cross? I’m looking for a fun retirement villa with a soft dog bed to call my own. I used to live in the backyard, which sucked, frankly.

And while I may be seven, I’m still quite playful and I can get a bit silly when I get excited. I do like other pups but I want to see out my days in a single pet home. It’s me time! I do know my basic commands (I am seven after all) and I really like some praise. Who doesn’t need some positive reinforcement now and again? I love to go for walks (just keep an eye on me) and I do get a bit anxious when I’m left alone, but let’s work on that together. I can be a bit shy with new people, but once we have a few pets, I warm up pretty quickly. What I really want though, is lots of love.

For more information about me please contact and note that you’re trying to reach Gypsy. For more visit Vancouver SPCA.

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Hi! I’m smiling Sawyer and I’m a six year old pit bull terrier. I’ve been in foster care with a family with three dogs since January. I love those guys but I’d really like to find a place of my own.

I can be exuberant and playful, but I’m mellowing out every day. I love my humans, but I also love my canine brethren. Like a LOT. Getting my exercise is the best, so what I really enjoy is going on sniffy walks, following my nose and just trotting aside my humans, soft-leashed.

They say I’m pretty smart, and who am I to disagree? That means I need to keep my brain sharp. I’ve learned to swim, fetch in water, run calmly alongside a bike, and I can do a whole bunch of tricks, provided there’s a treat at the end, of course.

Because I’m a bit excitable, I do best with humans who get me and have experience with pups. While I love my doggie pals, I don’t think I’d like to live with cats or young kids.

For more information about me please contact and note that you’re trying to reach Sawyer!

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Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Adopt a Pet – Feature by Kristina Matisic

** EACH FRIDAY we will feature a pet from the BC SPCA who is looking for a forever home.  Please take a moment to share these posts, far and wide.  – thank you #MBY
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Hi, my name is Rafiki and I’m a handsome fellow, if I do say so myself.  I’m currently at the West Vancouver branch of the BCSPCA but I’m looking to find my forever home.  I also like to hang out at the the Catfe in the International Village Mall because it’s always good to get out and meet new people, right?! 
I’m only about a year and five months old, and I’m looking for a fun place where I can play!  I’m super sweet, social and I love to cuddle.  Bring string toys if you want to get in my good books.  I also enjoy getting my food in puzzles and toys. Sounds weird, but trust me, it’s a cat thing. 
One thing I don’t like so much is when I’m confined. I like to get out and explore my surroundings, so a home with outdoor access is pretty important to me.  Have other cats at home? No probs. I’m down with that.  
For more information about me go to 
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