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Marissa Shen – by Jody Vance


Marissa Shen — Photo of her (left) and day of disappearance (right)

With news cycles making us all feel as though we are caught under waves in a storm surge surf it’s a tough time to focus on what is happening here, in our backyard.

One thing consuming my quiet moments, like so many parents, is the tragic story of Marissa Shen’s murder.

I’m twisted in knots over the tragic taking of an innocent girl’s life in my exceptionally safe city.  In a time where we are inundated with stories of politics, terror and random acts of violence world-wide — this one hurts…extra.

Every single day we parents force ourselves to let our kids broaden boundaries, trust we’ve taught them enough, at least, to stay out of harms way in the world.

My boy is still young enough that letting him walk out the door with a curfew, and little else information-wise, isn’t my reality – yet.

This 13 year old girl, a girl well beyond the age of babysitting and pondering a future in junior high school in September, was free ranging in daylight hours when the unthinkable happened.

Details continue to be exceptionally sketchy with regard how she met her fate — however — having the RCMP, VPD and Homicide Investigators asking the public “to be vigilant” should be beyond frightening for citizens.

I’m in news … and unnerved.

Since her murder I’ve not let the kids in my care out of my sight, not even for a minute.  I won’t, until this homicide is solved.  It’s going against everything I’ve learned from the likes of Lenore Skenazy (read her) who’ve said, a million times how these events are like lightening strikes in how rare they are.  Rare….but real.

Many of my vintage were Tweens when Clifford Robert Olson was on the prowl…. I remember the calls to “be vigilant”.

Is there a predator on the loose in Metro Vancouver?  Is there someone who’s preying on young girls, boys, adults?  It’s tough to not assume so, with no suspect – or even “person of interest”- announced.

The obsession with world news (US Politics) is seeing this story fade from the headlines….it can’t and shouldn’t, until solved.

WE need to be diligent, WE need to help authorities figure out the timeline of her movements prior to her death.  We need to keep this story alive so that we can help bring the person, or people, responsible for this tragedy to justice.

Please consider sharing this post so that anyone with the slightest bit of intel might communicate with IHIT to share any information.  The tip line is: 1-877-551-4448.  Anonymous tips to Crimestoppers.

For more on the humanity side of this tragedy….read what her brother said this about his sister’s death ….. tragic.


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