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Footwear Flip Flop – by Dini Petty

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I’ll never wear flip flops again
I owned one pair of flip flops, dark blue rubber ones with an orthotic support base that I wore for relatively short periods of time when I went swimming, my favourite exercise. But last winter while visiting my daughter Sam in La Quinta, California I ordered a pair of orthotically supported flip flops for summer wear. They arrived the day after I left so a friend visiting Sam brought them to Toronto early summer of this year and I began wearing them daily.
I spend a lot of time at my computer and when the aches and pain in my ankles, knees and thighs started I thought;
” I’m sitting too much.”
So I would get every ten- fifteen minutes and stretch and walk about. But to no avail, things got worse the pain increased to the point that my hips, knees and ankles ached constantly and eventually the little voice in my head screamed ” Go see Ian Murray!”
Core Strength is where Ian works his magic. He’s been working in the field of athletic therapy and high level sports medicine and rehabilitation for 15 years. He was a senior tour therapist with Cirque du Soleil for 10 years has completed numerous courses in the field of osteopathy, various manual therapy techniques, as well as emergency medicine and trauma courses; Ian specializes in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) , myofascial and muscle energy techniques, strain/counter strain and various deep tissue techniques to help reduce pain and restore movement. I refer to Ian as ” The Wizard” and by the time I got to see him the pain was severe.
Each session begins with Ian watching you walk, observing how you move and where your body is out of balance. Then it’s on the table and he works his wonders. I happen to carry my flip flops into the room with me and when finished our session, Ian said; ” You’ve got to stop wearing flip flops. They caused the problem.”
What are you talking about Ian, flip flops caused all this pain?
Then he explained that flip flops were contributing to my issues because I was gripping too hard with my toes and the open heel wasn’t stable enough for me, making my knees and hips painful, but something with a heel strap should help that.
After one session with the Wizard the pain was gone, completely ( this is why I call him the Wizard). I diligently did the simple exercises Ian taught me and have never worn flip flops again because they don’t make flip flops with heel straps.
Now when I see someone walking with some difficulty or an odd gait, who appears to be in pain and their wearing flip flops, I resist the urge to run up to them and tell them my story but if you have ankle, knee, hips problems – take heed.
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