Claire Martin

Dear Claire… – by Claire Martin

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to snag a U2 ticket.
To attend a concert, that I had already been to, 30 years ago.

Judging by the average makeup of the crowd – I wasn’t the only one on a night’s trip down memory lane. My girlfriend even had in her purse the cut-out front and back swatches from her original tour shirt!

Yeh, we were going down memory lane hard; together, with faded props and 40+ thousand of our closest friends!

Needless to say, the concert was wonderful. For those of you that don’t know The Joshua Tree (and #really who are you?!) – it’s a “listening experience” type record (are they still called records?!). It was written in the tumultuous 80’s during a time of political unrest in England and Ireland and many of the lyrics and all the songs resonate profoundly for me, even to this day.

The first 5 songs “Sunday Bloody Sunday” / “New Year’s Day” / “A Sort of Homecoming” / “MLK” / “Pride (In the Name of Love)” sent me reeling back to Wembley, London, June 12, 1987 – the last UK date of the original tour. It made me want to pen this letter to the 21-year-old who watched raptly, buried in the exuberant crowd.
Dear Claire,

Chill out!
Stop worrying so much!
You’re going to be ok.
Life will actually get better than this.. and this is just the beginning.

Capture this moment though; burn it into your memory. Moments like this are rare, and they will become rarer and more precious as you pass 50.

Enjoy yourself as much as possible. Life experiences like this are the building blocks of your evolving character – and they will stand you in good stead for the tough times.

There will be tough times….but never more than you can’t handle. The strength you discover inside you will surprise you. So too the bonds you develop with your friends during the tough times.

Your women friends will become your rocks. Trust the ones around you right now – they will be with you for the next 30 years – tightly close, unwavering and supportive – cherish every moment you have with them.

Finally – reconsider the perm and leggings. (They do you no favours.) Trust me, you, on this one!


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  • Reply Linda May 20, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    That’s funny, last night I was trunderling around in my memory box for a ‘click’ moment. Found it. A sandy beach, gone midnight, 50 years ago, in Jersey, Channel Islands. I could hear the quiet swish of the water as it lapped my toes!

    Beside me was a guy who changed my outlook on life. He had all the trappings of wealth but got the greatest of pleasures squatting on the pavement trying to help a ‘man of the streets’ to have hope for tomorrow. He was an ex-racing driver, considerably older than me and I later learned had told the doc, I’m going out in the fast lane, just keep me out of pain.

    He squeezed my hand, and said………you are just beginning……go live it.

    50 years later, as I sit on the beach, watching a sunset over the water on Saltspring Island, I can remember ‘the feeling’ that night’….tomorrow is mine, I wanted to experience every inch of it……and you know what, through the tears and smiles of 50 years, the water is still lapping my toes..quite a guy, quite a memory!

    Go live it………..and me too would reconsider the perms Claire!



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