Dini Petty

Do I have dementia? – by Dini Petty

It began when I got on the elevator several days ago and noticed a sign for a seminar on dementia

in the neighbourhood. As I waited for the elevator I started to wonder how one would know if dementia was
beginning? It played on my mind for awhile until I finally decided that if one was drifting towards dementia you’d make a mistake, a big obvious mistake that would indicate your mind was slipping.

Three days later I left for an early morning appointment and as I was getting dressed, I put on my shorter pair of black boots. I have two pair of black boots, both bought on sale. The taller pair almost up to my knees with two buckles are Jimmy Choo boots and the other are much shorter Italian leather boots with two buckles that I’d polished the night before.
I choose the shorter pair and as I walked out the door I took a second or two to admire how good my polished boots looked.
I went to my appointment and left my boots by the coat rack by the front door. An hour or so later I came out and noticed my short boots were gone and in their place was a pair of taller black boots.
I looked at the receptionist and said, ” I think someone took my boots.”
She acknowledged that another woman had left about fifteen minutes earlier and she immediately texted her and emailed her to ask if she had taken my boots.
There was no response.
The taller boots looked familiar and when I looked inside and saw the label, they were Jimmy Choo boots. I tried them on and they fit although they seemed a little snug but I thought that was because I’d just been on a massage table for an hour.
Suddenly the dementia notice popped into my mind and I began to wonder. I could have sworn I put on my shorter boots that morning and admired them before leaving but now I wasn’t so sure.
There was still no response to the text and email so I left wearing the Jimmy Choo boots, got in my car and hurried home.
The drive home was about 20 minutes of hell. Had I been completely mistaken? Was this the big mistake that would indicate my mind was drifting into dementia?
I parked in the underground garage and hurried to the elevator and again noted the dementia poster. I knew that when I reached my apartment and opened my closet door, I’d know the answer. If my shorter boots were there, I was in trouble, big trouble.
I got to my apartment and quickly opened the closet door and lo and behold my shorter boots were not there.
Instead there were my Jimmy Choo boots, identical to the ones I was wearing. On closer inspection they were exactly the same with one small exception, the ones I’d worn home were half a size smaller.
Just then my phone rang, it was the receptionist informing me that yes, a woman had taken my shorter boots, she hadn’t noticed the boots were shorter but did notice they were a little big but thought that was because she’d worn different socks.
So I don’t have dementia. Amen.  I got my shorter boots back with an apology plus a gift card for starbucks. I am amused by the incident and told several friends who all responded with,  “What are the chances of that actually happening.”
 To which I replied, “Obviously pretty good.”
About Dini:
Dini Petty needs very little introduction — she’s “that” Dini Petty.  The woman who blazed the trail for talk shows in Canada.  She was the original host of Cityline and then The Dini Petty show.  Dini is known for her strong character and fearlessness with regard to opinion and authenticity.  We are thrilled to have Dini join Mybackyard as a contributor. (P.S.: she was the first woman to pilot her own traffic helicopter — yes, you read that right)
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  • Reply Phil April 2, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    That is a great story! Also a good premise for an alternate reality tale!

  • Reply Pat April 2, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Really makes you think you are going bonkers. I could tell you a few stories regarding car keys but I won’t embarrass myself. Lol

    • Reply Gord Dieno April 3, 2017 at 8:28 am

      I saw your comment about keys. My wife had a chronic problem with losing keys, despite all the systems I tried to put in place. Then I put one of those bluetooth “Tiles” on her key ring. She then lost her keys and we quickly found them ….. and her habit changed soon after that.

  • Reply Gord Dieno April 3, 2017 at 8:24 am

    The story really does bring to mind how we can begin to doubt ourselves when faced with a few alternate facts.

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