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11th picture challenge – by Jody Vance


I’m fighting the third nasty bug to hit our house — this time a chest cold — so, today’s blog offering is a little fun inspiration to chew on.

As I sip my 5th Red Rose Tea with honey and lemon…..perusing Facebook I come across a thread by a friend asking “What’s the 11th photo in your library, right now?”  I decided to play along, and loved my 11th so much I decided to share the post on my timeline. Honestly, I’m absolutely beaming (between coughing fits) at the pictures filling up my social feed.

Words cannot convey how nice it is to take a break from the political news and views swallowing up our social media pages.

Please accept this simple post as a reminder to look at your life — the unedited, unfiltered, unposed.  Just take a look at photo that just happens to be the 11th, and post it here in the comments.  Feel free to give it some context — or just let it be — up to you.

This is my “current 11th”….

I love that is shows something that I do every day.  I walk the dogs, I breathe in the fresh west coast air, I reflect on life — where I want to go, who I aspire to be.

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  • Reply Wendy Beckett February 23, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    11th picture……..will not move over….damn it

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