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Poor Ivanka? – by Jody Vance

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Let me begin here: I’ve never considered purchasing Ivanka brand – anything – ever.

As we all hang on for our “dear-mental-health-lives” in this constant tornado of Trump — I ask you: is it weird that I actually find myself feeling sorry for Ivanka?

What I mean by that is I feel sorry for her like I would feel sorry for a Sea Org kid who has no clue what he/she signed up for.  How putting pen to paper on that “Billion Year contract” with The CoS means cult for life.  Does Ivanka need a Leah Remini moment?

Sure, like you, I see Ivanka’s smug “pseudo first-ladylike” smiles, and cringe a bit.  It makes me kinda…..nauseous….to be honest, but somewhere deep down I feel as though Ivanka needs rescuing.

Does Ivanka realize what she’s hooked her wagon to? Does she actually want all of this?  Maybe she’s trying to save a shred of dignity for her family name?  (I want to think that is her motivation) Or, she’s been caught in this storm, since birth, and doesn’t know any different?

At the root, I find myself trying to imagine what her life has been like – even with millions of dollars – I can’t imagine it’s all that pretty “Being Trump”.

Think about this: Donald Trump is her Father.  E v e r y  d a y.

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose….but…, would she really pick Donald Trump to be her father? Is she treading water with this man, is she “keeping her enemies closer”? Consider how we’ve all had a clear glimpse of how Trump operates when faced with even the slightest bit of push-back.  Never to be challenged, never to be told no — never EVER to be told he’s wrong.

He’s like an evil, and orange, version of The Fonz.  (with all due respect to Fonzie, who I love)

Let’s consider just a couple of highlites of Ivanka’s upbringing….

This woman was a mere 9 year old when her parents had their uber public split, she witnessed one of the ugliest divorces in history of socialites.  Can you imagine, watching the photos of “Dad” romping with Marla Maples fly across the NY Post front page – while Mom holds it together on the home-front??  Add to that to have her mother actually accused her father of forcing himself on her, sexually.  It’s all been sweep, sweep, sweep, under the rug.  It’s a horror story of the Rich and Famous.

No amount of money can erase these awful truths.  No amount of celebrity. No amount of global power.

Is it just me, or does Ivanka seem to be a bit — what’s the word — assimilated?  Like The Borg in Star Trek The Next Generation.  Ya, I said it, LIKE THE BORG.

Certainly she has benefited from the money, and status, over the course of her highly entitled upbringing.  She’s the “favourite daughter” – the one to walk in his footsteps.  The one with the successful Husband (real estate developer and now senior advisor to the President) Jared Kushner. They look quite step ford, very Ken and Barbie, plastic, trained.  Dead behind the eyes.  It’s creepy.

Are we missing their signals? Do they need rescuing?

Ya, maybe not….but I do ponder these things.

Finding the silver lining in this Trump Tornado, does make one appreciate the simple life.  The vacuuming that needs doing — the dishwasher that needs emptying, the dogs that need to be run in the pouring rain….

The White Spot for dinner – ya, that is tonight’s dinner plan.  My kid’s gonna love the surprise before swimming and the lack of paparazzi.



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  • Reply Shari Whittaker February 9, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Good article as always. The thing that really irritates me about Trump is his outright lying. I think watching your father lie to the world would be heartbreaking.

  • Reply Gord Fletcher February 9, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    She was born into money, she married into more money, she’s as spoiled as the rest of the siblings (although there might have been a monetary contract with the Maples kid in order to get her onto and to stay on the campaign trail.)

    All of them are full of it. Think she didn’t know that her clothing line was being made in China while daddy was touting “Make America Great Again!? I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her… she knows what she’s doing…

  • Reply Linda February 9, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    Don’t feel sorry for Ivanka….she is riding the train! She could have gotten off…..she hasn’t. Instead she says ‘daddy, they (Nordstrom) have cancelled my lines”….she knows who he is and how he may respond! Incidentally, are we not tapping on the door of ‘conflicts of interest’…….dollars into family coffers!

    I’ve read it was Invanka that encouraged him to run for President….maybe we should have a whip round for an alternative place for the Trump’s to live after tonight’s verdict on Mr. T’s ban! Ooh I forgot, they already have several places!! Any bets on how long it remains the White House!!

  • Reply jennjilks February 17, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Usually daughters adore their fathers. He’s just what she wants to grow up to be. They are business people. Rich.

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