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7 days.

1 week in.

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, back on November 8th, 2016 — many, worldwide, pondered “what this will mean” to us and the US? One week ago, he was sworn in….could the world we have even imagined what we’d see happen in only one week?

A few pieces of the Trump Presidency puzzle, thus far:

Alternative facts” are now a thing — out-and-out lies allowed to be barked from the most powerful podium in the world.  See the “my inauguration was bigger than yours” fiasco.

Executive Orders: Striking fear into many, Trump has been wielding his pen with grand sweeping defiance, repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), limiting choices for women by cutting abortion funding, approving pipelines running through Standing Rock, new actions on “The Wall”/boarder security and immigration, pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (that technically hasn’t been signed…) and – most recently – Trumps order to investigate voter fraud.

We are all being barraged by these orders — but what do they mean?  Bottom line here: Trump can sign all of the documents he wants, he can’t change laws arbitrarily. Alternative facts aside, truth be told, these “orders” are just one step up from a press release.

Every time Trump moves it’s “BREAKING NEWS“, it shouldn’t be.

What is quite scary is POTUS’ power to appoint Supreme Court Justices — Justices who could impact the future of the USA, long term.  We need to keep a sharp eye on this puzzle piece — not be distracted by the noise.  We need less time spent monitoring POTUS tweets.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Republicans and Democrats were to stand up and speak to what we are seeing from this new American Era?

I’ve mentioned this before on #MBY, but I will do so again.  The piece of this puzzle that scares most of us “the most” is how Trump has made The Media his opposition.  We are the “bamboozlers, the liars, the FAKES”.  We are none of these.

Unfortunately, Trumps message of a brutal, and fake, media is being delivered directly to his base. It’s alarming. Tens of MILLIONS of Americans believe that The Media is “in on it”, in on the tearing down of the Great United States Of America.  This is how some of the most evil political regimes have grabbed power and destroyed swaths of humanity. We must learn from history.

Where to start?   Truth, yes.  With News and Guts, yes. It’s also about education! America needs the Democrats and moderate Republicans to step up with facts and truths.

Where are you John McCain? The Alma S. Adams’? Karen Bass of California? Don Beyer? Brendan Doyle? The list goes on and on….those of you who used twitter to announce that you were not attending the inauguration. Why-oh-why aren’t these folks sitting down with The Media to EDUCATE Americans on what Trump is doing.

In my opinion what’s lacking in the US today is plain and simple: education.

By the day, facts are subjective (they are not), the truth depends on perspective (it does not).  News organizations the likes of Teen Vogue, Washington Post, NY Times, Time Magazine and more are all pumping out, real, fact-filled stories at a rate nothing short of dizzying.

Trump supporters aren’t reading them.  They don’t want to.

We need our educated American friends with facts and truth. Be like Jerry

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