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Be there #BellLetsTalk. – by Tom

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. This one is more than a little emotional for me.

I have a dear friend who is bi-polar and on top of that battles Type 2 Diabetes.

Last June, she was at a very, very low point. So much so. She was troubled about circumstances in her life. she called me & told me she was contemplating downing a bottle of pills. And I told her, don’t you dare, or words to that effect. Also, I asked if she wanted me to come over to her home and talk to her. She said no. At the time, I was at a baseball game and she lived across the bridge from the park and I’d have been there like a shot.

June 2nd, I awoke to a very cryptic Facebook message and that gave me the scare of a lifetime, wondering how she would go on. Immediately I searched for the local suicide prevention number and said I needed help as I believed my dear friend was contemplating suicide. The operator said to me, call 911. Moments later, I did and I was asked a few questions, but I said I was not with her. The operator asked if she should send the police and I said, please do.  I also contacted a friend of hers in Quebec in a panic. She called my friend to see if she was ok.

About an hour later, I got a call from my friend. The police had indeed come by and asked her if she wanted to go to the Crisis Resource Centre or to the hospital. She asked to go to CRC and that’s where she called me from. She told me she was OK and hadn’t attempted anything.  Touched base with her friend in Quebec again and let her know everything was OK. After all was said and done, I just sat and cried. Incredibly relieved that this incredibly feisty friend didn’t go through with ending it all.

We celebrated her 51st birthday this past weekend!

If you sense something is very, very wrong, act on it! DO NOT HESITATE!

Be there for a friend you love. You may save their life!

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