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Say Something Nice – by Jody

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Giving the gift of “saying something nice” to someone is….priceless.

Yesterday, at work, someone I look up to – both professionally and personally – took the time to tell me, in no uncertain terms, that she thinks I’m good at what I do – I’m nice – and that she is so happy I’m on her team.

It sent me to a happy place that goes beyond description.

Taking a moment to appreciate, outwardly, those you respect is a special gift.

Most of us have been in hostile work environments at one time or another. The competitive, sometimes nasty/mean/bullying environment, can be unavoidable and it sucks (eloquent, I know, but it does!)  These situations are often not about you but rather about those spewing the negativity. Often we don’t deserve the clique driven bullish*t, but we take it on the chin.  Suffer it in the name of survival in a dog-eat-dog business.  We are resilient, focus on professionalism, and deliver.

When on the receiving end of “you are GOOD, and kind”…. followed by: “this business is one that needs us to look out for each other”…is my favourite 2016 gift. Thank you Lynda Steele, you are the goods.

CKNW is an example of what is good.  Inspired leadership with a bunch of folks pulling in the same direction.  No one is threatened by their fill-in host, instead they celebrate a solid broadcaster joining the ranks.  More should do this…..unfortunately, it’s rare.

With all this said, I must tell you that I have had some incredible work environments.  In fact Brian and I headed out last night for our annual “Friday before Christmas” dinner with the fabulous Mike Hennigar and his wife Charlotte.  Mike and I worked together at CBC (my all-time favourite gig) and we are friends for life.  I feel lucky to have him as my friend and mentor, he’s my go-to guy for advice on my work life while also having him as a sounding board for everyday life.

You do you best, you always do your best, and even then may be faced with those wearing masks before you – those who undermine or cut you down in your absence, there is little to be done. It leaves a mark, a mark healed by the good folks who lift you up.

The broadcast world is tough — if it were easy, everyone would do it. When it’s fun it is SO fun. When it’s nasty, it’s painfully so.

Take this as a reminder of how remarkably healing, downright lovely, it is to give (and receive) the gift of positivity and kindness. Not just in work life, but in everyday life.

Be the change you want to see in the world, say something nice – it heals.  A true gift.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone, you are fabulous!

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  • Reply Shannon December 24, 2016 at 10:24 am

    So true, Jody so true. And, it feels good. Merry Christmas!

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