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Car2go Glitch Got Me Like… – by Jody

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I’ve used Car2Go for over a year now, mostly for outings where we plan to “cab home” – or take a quick trip downtown in lieu of the bus.  It’s quite convenient, and rather affordable.

Recently, however, I’ve discovered a costly glitch — and am having great frustration with jumping through customer service hoops to rectify said issue.

Here’s what happened….November 29th Brian and I used a car to head downtown, parked at the Expo parking lot under Costco, and paid for two hours of parking.  We didn’t keep the rental during our stay down there — instead we risked losing the vehicle to another customer. (mistake) When we returned to the vehicle in under two hours, we went to initiate our return trip but couldn’t access the car, it was reserved.  (damn) So, we walked five blocks, in driving rain, to the next closest Car2Go and rented our way home in that vehicle.

This past Wednesday I received a “notice of citation” — it says I owe $120 in parking tickets for the car we couldn’t access.  Two full days of parking tickets (Nov 29/30) for the car we couldn’t unlock due to it being reserved.

Hmmmm…..that doesn’t make sense. Must be a glitch. This should be simple to resolve, I called customer service.

Dorian told me that “the policy is that any tickets are attributed to the last renter”.  I explained that we were unable to use the vehicle for our return trip, as it was reserved.  I politely inquired as to why  the person who reserved (locked the vehicle for :30 minutes) wouldn’t be responsible?

No. Last renter = It would be us.

I’m fine with paying fines, this isn’t a money thing — it’s a principle thing.  We couldn’t ACCESS THE VEHICLE.  The first ticket was issued during that reservation!

This story isn’t over, at this point, I’m “escalating things” to the next level to discuss the issue.

During the holiday season use of car-share services spike, and I wanted to get this message out as a cautionary tale for you.  If you are parking that Car2Go, keep in mind that you are on the hook for it — long term, perhaps longer than you might think.

Big Glitch got me like 🙁

Will update.


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  • Reply Jane December 16, 2016 at 10:44 am

    I figured out another glitch yesterday. Car2Go users have been using our tenants parking to drop off their cars during the snow storm. Selfishly leaving tenants that pay for their spots out of luck.

  • Reply Mary Miller December 16, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Good on YOU, Dont seem to have CAR2Go here but there are other parking regulations
    That irritate me… finding a large SUV in my 24 hour -7 paid mini parking space for my
    Tiny Smart CAR. And then having to wait hours for the SUV driver to return. All this in Victoria.

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