Adopt A Pet, Kristina Matisic

Adopt A Pet – by Kristina Matisic





Helloooo world! We’re Goofie and Gizmo, two and a half year old guinea pigs, and we’re hanging out at the Surrey branch of the BC SPCA.

We were found abandoned, which as you might imagine, wasn’t the very best start to things. We’d really love to get a second chance at having a good life. We are super bonded, total bros man!  But you know how you love our best friend but wouldn’t necessarily want to live with them? Us too.  Because we’re both males, we kind of prefer living side by side (like separated by a Pen gate) than together.
We are both super curious, we LOVE fresh vegetables in the morning and then we get super lazy in the afternoons. We are quite shy, especially when you pick us up, so we are seeking a more experienced owner who understands us and our guinea pig ways. 
As for adoption details, we’d love to be adopted together. However, we are also willing to go to a home that already has a spay female guinea pig.  We don’t want to go to a place with another male, that might result in too much tension, and take us away from all that veggie eating we love to do.  
Forever home, we hope to see you soon! 
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