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Get Back To What Matters – by Todd Robson


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Deep breaths … it was only an election.
Okay, I will take 10 seconds to say it … Who was that sassy sonofabitch who two weeks ago wrote about Trump’s path to victory and how the Clintons shouldn’t be popping the champagne corks prematurely?
Well it happened. The people spoke. Trump won. And he didn’t just squeak by – he clobbered Clinton.
I’m sure there will be a hundred books written by a hundred experts about how this happened. There will also be a hundred Democrats looking for someone to blame and just as many Republicans taking credit.
One could look back and blame SNL for letting Trump host during the primaries. The boost he got catapulted his popularity.
Now, from what I know, people like to be heard and people don’t like being taken for granted. People disliked Clinton and if you believe the WikiLeaks emails, her campaign was just as sleazy and dirty, if not dirtier than Trump’s.
She was no better than he was. Both were horrible choices. And America chose. They’ll soon learn what they got and they’ll get what they deserve.
Trump is despicable. I don’t see how he can rise to the level that the Oval Office deserves. But we shall see.
America will recover, their system has a way of regulating itself. It’s designed that way. It has a Constitution that ensures it. As well, none of this means Senate and Congressional Republicans will get in line with Trump. Odds are, it’ll be quite the opposite.
But as Canadians, can we get off our high horses?
It’s exhausting seeing social justice warriors express fake outrage and concern about something they have nothing to do with.
Can we please stop feeling so bloody obligated to be part of everything, especially something that we can’t alter, participate in, or even influence? It’s as pathetic as people who cry when their sports teams lose. Moping around because the millionaires who don’t care about you get to go home to their mansions in cities nowhere near where they play and cash cheques that just keep coming.
And perhaps we should take note that most celebrities don’t know all that f*cking much about politics or policy.
But I’m drifting here. I just find it annoying how we must attach ourselves to everything. We can watch, enjoy, and observe without feeling the need to be part of it. Maybe that’s just because I’m more inward-looking than most ‘team players’?
America will go on. There will be other elections. Katy Perry and Jay Z will still make albums and sing songs and live behind gates in houses you will never be invited to. And then they’ll tell you how to vote for the America everyone can enjoy.
But let’s get over it and keep ourselves in check. The over-reaction is a bit much. The potential boycotting of America is hollow, unless you intend to only watch the CBC and wear Joe Fresh or something drab from Roots, you’re already digging yourself a hole.
I hope every Canadian who says they’ll no longer go to Florida or America doesn’t find themselves sunning their hypocritical asses on a beach in Cuba.
Cuba is a country that has no democracy. It jails people who dare speak out and express opinions publicly that others may not like. That’s what a country under a dictator looks like.
It’s been a long 15 months … and it is finally over. Time to regroup and get back to what matters. Anybody know if Kim is back on Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s yet?

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  • Reply Roddie MacKinnon November 11, 2016 at 7:09 am

    Your lead in saying that Trump clobbers Clinton is a bit of an exaggeration. She won the popular vote, although not by much, he defeated her by getting the most electoral college votes. The Democrats have lost two elections through losing in the electoral college and not the polar vote in recent times,2000 and 2016. This is going to come back and bite the Republicans in the butt one of these elections because what goes around comes around.

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