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As I go to sleep tonight, wishing I could stay up later to watch the election, I am filled with fear.

Fear because I don’t know what’s going to happen to our great neighbours to the south. I feel like it’s a “Brexit moment”. Where people vote in a knee-jerk reaction for something that they think is better. And throw their vote behind somebody who clearly has no plan. No coherent vision. And a horribly sexist version of the world. If that “man” is our president to the south?

What does this mean for us? I think, in a knee-jerk reaction myself, – as I said to my good friends Jody Vance and Claire Martin, – maybe we need to re-visit immigration to Canada. Who are our neighbours to the south? What do they really believe? And do they really believe in Donald Trump? I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Clearly as we wake up, post election night, we probably still don’t know. But I’m hopeful. I’m praying. And I’m not a religious person. But literally the world is watching.

I’m sure Russia is happy. I know that Canada and most of Europe is not. Maybe China is doing a happy dance. This is a man who has no regard for foreign policy. The world map. International trade. The world as it stands, could be thrown in chaos. As I write this on Tuesday evening, nobody knows who’s going to win. I will say with a full guarantee, that if Donald Trump wins, world markets will be in chaos. The Canadian dollar and the British pound will be affected. As will be the Euro. Trade agreements will be in crisis. And I’m sure that ISIS will be very happy. As I write this, at 10 PM eastern on the Tuesday evening. The markets are already in collapse.

God help us all. (did I mention I’m not religious?)

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