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Here’s a Thursday “feel good” Coffee Break for you.

Last night I let my almost-9-year-old stay up late to witness the end of a classic World Series Game 7 between the Cubs and Cleveland.  Epic doesn’t begin to explain the suspense.  One absolutely did not need to be a baseball fan, nor have “skin in the game”, to get caught up in this extra-innings game winner-take-all game 7.

Watching “the thrill of victory (love this interview) and the agony of defeat” is what me and my boy do when watching big games in any sport.

We always talk about how fun it is when your team wins, but also we watch the pain that comes with losing.  In every big game there is a losing side — and it’s an immensely important piece of sport to take defeat with grace.

While many of us were cheering hard for the Cubs, we all imagined how awful this was for the Cleveland players. (The mom in me imagined how their mom’s felt.)

It’s remarkably easy to celebrate a big win, it’s tough to take a loss with class — like King James.

Cubs fans waited 108 years to celebrate last night’s massive win……..here are a few that we found to be most heartwarming.

Skimming social media, and the web, for cool reactions and bites for you:

This guy…. is my favourite, I think.

This….is Bill Murray


Him….grab kleenex

“Go Cubs Go” mash up is pretty cool….

Nike nails it….. 

As you were.  Make it a great day.

MyBackyard Team.

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  • Reply Karen N November 3, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    I love what twitter had to offer lastnight and how much of a nice break it was from the negative side of election chaos … I did choose for the cubs to win but both teams are winners

  • Reply Robert Carnell November 5, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Listened overnight to Chicago radio that night. Callers phoning in who were celebrating. Young girl about 13 who couldn’t sleep. Said she sprayed a bottle of pop outside since she’s too young too drink. Then a woman whose mother was in her 80s, her mom passed away a week and a half before Game 7. Man, she almost made it.

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