Jody Vance

Poem by Tunchai Redvers

“I promise
You are strong
As the ones who
Walked before you

We come from the blood
Of warriors

And the heart
Of survivors

So when you
Hold your head low

With grief
Look for the path carved

in front of you”

Tunchai redvers

This weekend my eyes were opened, wide, to a movement to help Indigenous people who struggle with depression. (Anyone who knows me knows my love of Gord Downie.  This post is not about Secret Path)

I count myself guilty of being completely unaware of the struggles being met by our Indigenous brothers and sisters to the north.

My words fail me, but I feel very strongly that we all need to learn — read/watch/share.

If you want the long story short — look here.  This website is profoundly impactful.  Watch MLA Melanie Mark share an incredibly personal story of surviving a suicide attempt at 19. “10 minutes from death…”. It will stop you in your tracks.

This weekend, while hosting on CKNW, Producer Bailey Nicholson brought this story to my attention. It stopped me – cold.

Of course, as a news and current affairs person, I had heard the horrors of a rash of suicides in Northern Saskatchewan….how kids between 10 – 14 yrs old are dying by their own hand…but looking deeper, this isn’t about FOUR KIDS THIS MONTH — it’s even worse.

We should not — cannot — continue to turn a blind eye.

I’m asking you to share this, even if just the URL, with the suggestion that ALL Canadians watch Melanie Mark’s video.  It’s a game changer.

Is it not time for us to be the country we should be, the one we think we are?  Isn’t it time for us to help ALL Canadians navigate depression?

Certainly we are overdue to give back to those who were here long before we pulled up on the shores.  

Not sure about you, but I will trade Trump slags or slap-stick, 4 day old, viral videos on my TV news — for stories such as these. This story in Northern Saskatchewan should be in our living rooms until something is done to stop this tragic trend.

What if it were your child? Your neighbour’s?

Anyone else feel helpless in all of this?  I sure do…so I’m starting here, in MyBackyard.

Show of hands, who wants to help spread the word — the message to “reach out for help, we are here.”?

Who wants to make change? Share.

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