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Traffic Piss Off! – by Sarah Daniels



Seriously, WTF.

I’m a former traffic reporter, and nothing pisses me off more than dumbass drivers, people that put on their left turn signal at the last second, block the passing lane, and — truthfully — anyone in a Toyota Corolla. (They are always gold or silver, have a turn signal on for no reason, and a Kleenex box in the back window. If there’s a traffic jam, trust me, they’re involved.)

I just wanna get from point A to Point B. Is this asking too much?

Apparently it is. In the Toronto neighbourhood I live in, there’s a busy intersection; Bayview and Moore. Bayview becomes the Bayview Extension, – which has links to the Don Valley Parkway, – I digress. But you get the picture – IT’S BUSY. Just like most every city in Canada and the US.

All I’m asking for is that someone pulls out a map because the intersection that is the subject matter here has been a clusterf*ck since the Labour Day weekend….nd when I say clusterf*ck – I mean that it takes 40 minutes to go 10 blocks, in what is predominantly a residential neighbourhood.

Pull out a map because the signs saying “construction would be happening” in this intersection stated it would occur from June to October. So, that’s okay – quieter in the summer – no kids going to school, people away at their cottages – seems like a good time to do the work. Except from what I can see, nobody lifted a damn finger until the day after Labour Day.  Labour Day is when then the paving began – down to one lane in either direction, sometimes alternating – on a major route. But that’s not all – because all around, every alternate route was gridlock – because of construction surrounding THEM.

Is it totally impossible for anyone in local government to try and coordinate this?


The simple fact of the matter is that time is money – and by the way – I’d rather see the city pay overtime and do the work at night (see the Dutch do it.) rather than screw us over daily.

The hours we lose will cost the economy a hell of a lot more than the extra cash paid to city workers.

You want me to be a happy tax payer? Make it worth my while.

Just don’t get me started about bike lanes. (And the helmetless asshats that blow through traffic lights who use them.)

Man. I am over 50……….

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