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Image: Claire Martin

Image: Claire Martin

My best friend’s name is Susan.

Susan lives in Alberta and we have been really close for more than two decades.

Susan came to Vancouver this weekend….just to see, for herself, that I am ok.  She needed to SEE me, the phone or email just wouldn’t do. (I’m a good stoic faker when life tries to knock me for a loop)

The visit was a short fly-in – 24 hours – yet in that all-too-short time it was reaffirmed that when all else fails, your best friend will, literally and philosophically, lift you up.

The ties that bind us to our best friends is, indeed, thicker than blood.

My best friend and I met in a mutually tumultuous time in our lives, both of us were divorcing, both of us were raw, both of us were losing confidence in our ability to survive.
We propped each other up. We survived….creating this unbreakable bond.

I remember being at an airport heading off somewhere (I used to travel a lot), and as usual Susan had driven me there. Just as I, shuffled along in the line-up for security – about to get to the check point – I hear “CLAIRE!”.. I turn .. it’s Susan, of course.  She’d waited until the very last moment to grab my attention.. she smiled and yelled, literally YELLED .. “I LOVE YOU, YOU NUT!”

I yelled back “WHO ARE YOU, DO I KNOW YOU?!”

We fell about laughing. Laughing hard! Oh, how we howled!

Susan and I still have adventures, do road trips whenever we can, life gets in the way, we get busy…but we are always connected. We call each other at inappropriate times. We share details of our lives that we would never, couldn’t ever, share with anyone else.

As strange as this may sound, I love that she is my most enduring relationship.

There is absolutely no jealousy, no judgement, no animosity (we’ve never argued).

Best friends can live miles away. Best friends can live next door.

Where does your best friend live? How about you give them a quick call … to hell with it if it’s an inappropriate time.  After all, it’s your BFF.








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  • Reply ghmanderson October 4, 2016 at 7:42 am

    Whether near or far as you say there is something special about BFF’s and sometimes we are blessed to have more than one!

  • Reply Florence Spencer December 19, 2016 at 6:21 am

    Thank you again Claire for sharing about your best friend.
    When I was growing up in rural Nova Scotia I shared 4-H club
    adventures with Sharon. We were in public speaking competing
    and other activities. Sharon always won the public speaking cup
    but I was not discouraged by that because she was always so
    gracious and positive she made me feel great.

    Sharon and I talked a lot, laughed a lot and worked hard at all
    the things we did together. We grew up and each went our separate
    ways. We did not keep in touch but I always had great memories and
    was always inspired by her lovely spirit even though I did not get to see
    her or talk with her.

    The year my sister got married I went home for the wedding. During the
    reception I went into the kitchen to chat with the ladies who were preparing
    for the occasion. Much to my surprise there she was leading the team of
    the best “goodie” makers! We hugged and started chatting.

    It had been over 20 years. To this day 25 years later we are still good friends.
    Good, always-the-same, positive, caring friends are great.

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