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Never. Too. Late.


It’s never too late………..right? Well this seems to be something that we all struggle with. Is it NEVER too late? To change your surroundings, your life, your job – maybe your partner? Will it be too risky? Frightening? Is it easier just to “keep on keeping on”? What are we so afraid of?


Well, I guess I say this to answer a lot of questions I’ve had in the last six months – for the three months leading up to when I let people know that I was moving to an entirely new city, and the three months since I’ve been here.


Yes, it was a huge step. Yes, it’s been nuts – and I can’t say that at times I have laid awake staring at the ceiling, asking myself “What the F*CK were you thinking?” But I don’t regret it at all – in some ways I wish I had done it sooner. Because complacency is a killer.

Now here’s the thing. Moving to a new city? People do that all the time – they move for a new job, for school, for love – for all kinds of reasons. But usually they don’t move as a single, 52 year old self employed female. With 4 dogs. Yeah, that sounds kind of crazy.


But the crazy thing would be to stay put. Stay in the same pattern. Stay safe. Because it was boring the crap out of me. One thing I know for sure is that we often think that other people’s lives are much more exciting then they might really be. Because of my long involvement in media, I’m sure that there are many that think that my life, and anyone else who might have the same sort of background, is that of fabulous parties, dinners, concerts, etc. Well, not so much.


I work a LOT. But I also lived in the suburb of White Rock, just outside of Vancouver. And for anyone who has to commute, you know how that can be. I was lucky, – as a realtor I lived and worked mostly in the same location. The problem was, I worked all the time. Such is the life of a realtor! I couldn’t meet my friends in Vancouver for a late lunch: I’d be stuck in traffic for longer than I would be able to stay. I wasn’t meeting anyone. Basically I was walking my dogs every morning, working all day 7 days a week, coming home and parking myself on the couch. The variations would be flying to Toronto to tape TV appearances – my once every 6-8 week break from the monotony. Something had to give.


So I’ve moved – to Toronto. I know a lot of people here, but I will be building my business all over again – from scratch. It’s daunting. It’s scary. I could fail spectacularly. I don’t plan to.


Maybe in some small way, every day, we have to challenge ourselves. Do something we never thought we would do. Look at the upside, and STOP worrying about whatever one else is doing, or what they might think. Most of those people you compare yourself to online have photo-shopped the hell out of their profile picture. And probably the details of their lives as well.


Take a page from Beyoncé. She took some lemons – and made a hell of a lot of lemonade.

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