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Randi got married.


I was sure that marriage wasn’t for me.

I wasn’t against it or anything – but  was pretty certain it wasn’t my path — mine would be the road to coolest aunty around .

These thoughts could have been based on all the idiots I’d dated. It also could have been the fact that my career had taken over my personal life, whisking me away from city-to-city, 7 times.

Bottom line: I never once found anyone I’d consider marrying, therefore I never pictured it happening. Very much a realist, not a dreamer…that is, until I met Alex.

We met in 2013, in 2015 he proposed. I said Yes…and then..I actually started to picture me in the white dress….my wedding.  Seriously, even dreamt about it.

I had a ring, and a man – but a wedding, even a dream wedding, seemed like so much work.

And it was ..

The colour and theme of the wedding came from my dreams. I felt the vibe, it was airy, light, romantic, twinkling and relaxed . The more I planned, the more fun I had.

Luckily, we had my girlfriend Aly. Aly is an event planner, she knows how to point fiancés in the right direction.  Some assume when you hire a planner you are on autopilot, well …. that depends on budget and how much you’d like to control the vibe of your big day. Shocking: I wanted control. Ha!

When the planning began, I asked my guy if he might just let me “go with” what I thought would be perfect. Thankfully, Alex  said he trusted me completely, so I took the reigns. (Good to note: not one big “final” decision was made without asking his opinion.)

You learn a lot about yourself planning a wedding. Like, how short your fuse is, how to budget and how to save..not to mention fight with your future spouse over how much money to spend on “one day “.

Then…seriously, all of a sudden, your “day ” is here and let me tell you, you don’t care about the money . In fact all you care about is enjoying it. (At least that was how I felt!)


Avoid department purchases unless you absolutely must. We “DIY’ed ” half the wedding and it was gorgeous. You don’t have to be crafty to do this!  It’s called Pinterest, my friends. Safe to call me a “crazy obsessed craigslist fan” – yes, I joined every wedding swap on Facebook. Incredibly priceless intel.

We made our own table centrepieces, my future husband built our bar that people would be centred around all night, it made it special.

You want your wedding to have a part of you – shining through .

The food was tops on our list so we opted for a caterer we’d tried before,  Truffles fine foods.  This is not an ad, there were no “deals”, they were just so yummy.  The food was the biggest hit or our “one day”.

I strongly believe  people walk away from a wedding and talk about 3 things .

The venue – people love taking picture when at a good venue .

The food – has to be yummy . People get passionate about food .

The music – must be phenomenal .  (selection of old and new) fill the dance floor!

You don’t have to go all out either on caterers if you can’t afford it. My cousin’s wedding was amazing and it was my fabulous aunt cooked up turkey for the party, it was a major hit. Get creative! Good food doesn’t need to be fancy.

We highly recommend the midnight snack, we brought in McDonald’s cheeseburgers…I can now say, with 100% certainty…nothing makes drunk people happier than McDonald’s. (mic drop)

After all the food, music, venue, speeches – please, please, please: make sure you have a couple minutes to enjoy one another. Couples easily could go the entire night without seeing one another,  so I strongly suggest you cop a feel where you can.

As cliche as it may sound: PLEASE do not stress on your “one day”…try not to.

(FTR: I did when I realized my hair was stuck to my face . It was the hottest day of the year on our wedding day and before I walked down the aisle I had to rip the hair off my face , for it had been stuck there from pure sweat . Sexy …)

And yes … What they say is true . It goes by lightening fast, so — stop, enjoy, soak it up. It truly was the most magical day of our lives .


OMG I’m married.

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  • Reply Bri September 16, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Love this! Couldn’t agree more with when the day comes you’re not even thinking about the money (or all the stress felt during planning.) So happy for you guys, I’ve never seen a more in love couple. We were so honoured to be a small part of the best day of your life. xoxo

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