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“I will not lie down” 9/11 – by Claire

claire-heartIt’s 9/11.

It’s 9/11.. still feels like it was one man, one weapon .. still we rise

It’s 9/11 .. thank God Rosa sat on the bus.. because we fight

It’s 9/11 .. its just a day. Right??

It’s 9/11.

When Jody, Sarah and I sat down and envisioned this site we thought about great stories, funny stories, and letting our fellow journalists speak.

And suddenly it’s 9/11 and I am in front of a computer screen and I want to write.

I don’t write well. I can’t. I’m better talking on camera. But I want to write.

I am still thunderously appalled by what happened 15 years ago. Mutated in fact. But my recent flirt with cancer has made me STRONG. I will not lie down in the face of violence, of discrimination, of wrong. We are stronger as a community than any dictator, or solider, or politician can imagine.

Movement is like a rhythm .. literally and metaphorically.

I am limping right now because cancer has taken my heel. I lie awake at night aching. But I am stronger than I have ever been. I will not lie down. And here I am – in front of a computer – letting you know that the outrage I still feel at 9/11 is alive and well. And the beauty of it – is that I am stronger because of it.

102 minutes may have changed us. But it hasn’t weakened my resolve.

I will NOT lie down in the face of adversity. Makes me a pain in the ass to be around! My bar is high. Ah well.

I bought a small piece of art today – it kinda symbolizes where I’m at.


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